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"Hello, World!" in ZX Spectrum machine code

How to do "Hello, World!" in ZX Spectrum machine code.

CHANOPEN equ 5633 PRINT equ 8252 ld a, 2 ; 3E 02 call CHANOPEN ; CD 01 16 ld de, text ; 11 xx xx ld bc, textend-text ; 01 0E jp PRINT ; 3C 20 text defb 'Hello, World!' defb 13 textend equ $

This piece of code calls two functions in the original ZX Spectrum ROM. First it calls CHAN-OPEN which sets the current output channel to number 2 (normal screen output), and then it calls PRINT, which prints a string of characters to the selected channel. To print this on a ZX Printer, simply select channel 3 instead.

I think I need to add Z80 assembler definitions to my code formatting script...

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