Month: March 2013

JavaScript Csv file generator, part 3

The Csv file generator is almost done. All we need to do is to enclose and escape certain special characters. Values containing the
separator need to be enclosed in double quotes. Values containing double quotes need to be escaped and, just to be sure, enclosed
in double quotes.

JavaScript Csv file generator, part 2

Last week, I set up a few requirements and unit tests for my CSV file generator. Now it is time to start implementing. First the constructor and the add method: There. The first three unit tests are already passing. Next up is the first version of t…

JavaScript Csv file generator, part 1

I came across the need to generate CSV files locally using JavaScript, and set out to create a simple tool for that. It should be small, simple and should just get the job done. I would like to be able to use the CSV generator something like this: Fir…