Month: February 2016

“Hello, World!” in C++

How to do "Hello, World !" in C++. About ten years after the birth of the C language, object oriented paradigms were added to form
the C++ language. The latest version of the C++ standard is called C++14 . For more "Hello, World !&quot…

"Hello, World!" in C

How to do "Hello, World !" in C. The C language is mother and grandmother of a whole range of modern languages, like C++,
PHP, C#, Java, Objective C, Swift, JavaScript and others. Development of the language is
continuing, and the latest ver…

Revisiting CssFlip

When I first started experimenting with modern Web APIs, 3D transforms was
still an experimental feature. Browser support was limited and shaky, and required vendor prefixes. These days
support is much better, but there are still a lot of quirks whe…

Keep NumLock on permanently

One of the remnants of early PC computers is the Num Lock key. For most people, like
me, it is just a nuisance. I mostly use my laptop with a dock connected to a standard
102 key keyboard, so when I use the numpad, I want numbers to appear – I don't want
the cursor to move semi-randomly across my document. When I sometimes hit the Num
Lock key by accident, I'm always in for a few seconds of feeling annoyed.