Anders Tornblad

Converting from Type to SqlDbType

StackOverflow user Simone Salvo asked how to do
a smart conversion between .Net and , which
is not really a trivial task. For my answer, I wrote the following somewhat naïve code: Caveat The above code works fine in most cases, but comes with so…

Finally got around to fixing Sparky

Back in 2010, the iPad was all the rage. The first really usable tablet device, sporting
lightning-fast multitouch capabilities, that were even exposed as (then non-standard) HTML5
Web APIs for JavaScript developers to play with. It wasn't alw…

"Hello, World!" in Pascal

How to do "Hello, World !" in Pascal. Pascal was one of the first computer languages I learned, back in the late 1980s and early 1990s. The Borland Turbo Pascal compiler
was really fast, and I once actually took a university course in Comp…

Finding the right namespace

StackOverflow user graham added a reference to a third-party DLL
called ServiceProvider.dll , but couldn't figure out which directive to use to
access the types made available in that DLL. Most times, the DLL is named after the default nam…

"Hello, World!" in CSS

How to do "Hello, World !" in CSS. This is a very unorthodox use of CSS. Combined with an empty valid HTML document, this will produce an output in any browser.
I made a pen for you. For more "Hello, World !" examples, go to the …

"Hello, World!" in HTML

How to do "Hello, World !" in HTML5. Most of the structure of an HTML document, including the , and elements, can be left
out without invalidating the document. Also, most block-level elements are self-closing. For instance,
the segment…

"Hello, World!" in Ruby

How to do "Hello, World !" in Ruby. Ruby and Rails are still on my list of things to learn ! Article Metadata Property Value Category Hello World Tags Hello World, Ruby Written 2016-02-24T16:55:00Z Template article Author atornblad

"Hello, World!" in JavaScript

How to do "Hello, World !" in JavaScript. JavaScript has really matured over the last years. Though it started out as a browser-only language, giving
grey hairs to web developers everywhere, it is now a competent language in its own right. C…

"Hello, World!" in PHP

How to do "Hello, World !" in PHP. Even though PHP is mostly used for adding server-side functionality to web pages, PHP is
actually a self-containing language that can be run on a lot of different platforms, both
in a web server and complet…