Hi, my name is

Anders Marzi Tornblad

  • Software Architect
  • Scrum Master
  • Solution Architect
  • Developer Mentor
  • Simplicity Advocate
  • Retrocomputing Enthusiast

I'm a software architect and developer with a passion for building great software.

  • Experience 25+ Years Experience
  • Projects 30+ Projects Delivered
  • Tutoring 20+ Developers Mentored

Software and solution architecture

With 25+ years of experience in designing and building software products from the ground up, I'm fully equipped to make critical technical decisions for your business. I hold expertise in solution architecture, software architecture, Azure and AWS Cloud services, .NET, Java, Elasticsearch, PowerBI, and more. My mission is to create robust and scalable architectures that align with your business objectives and allow for efficient, agile development.

In my experience, simplicity often equals efficiency in software development. I advocate for clean, maintainable, and efficient solutions that simplifies development and reduces technical debt. Whether it's simplifying a complex system or guiding teams towards writing more straightforward code, I strive to instill simplicity in every aspect of software development.

Software architecture

CTO as a Service

Having a full-time Chief Technology Officer (CTO) isn't always feasible or economically viable, particularly for startups, small businesses, or organizations in a transitional phase. That's why my CTO-as-a-Service offering provides a flexible, valuable solution, ensuring access to the strategic insights and leadership of an experienced technology professional without the need for a permanent executive commitment.

In the capacity of your interim CTO, I thoroughly understand your business objectives and technological challenges to offer strategic guidance on technology selection, system architecture, and roadmap development. I lead and manage your tech teams, establish efficient processes, and foster a culture of innovation. Additionally, I actively identify opportunities where technology can increase operational efficiency, enhance customer experience, and give your business a competitive edge. With a CTO-as-a-Service, I aim to reduce your operational costs and build a robust, scalable technology foundation for your business, ensuring that your technological initiatives are always driving your business growth.


Engineering management

Managing engineering teams involves more than just overseeing projects. It requires strong leadership, clear communication, and a deep understanding of each team member's strengths. I offer engineering management services that encompass all these aspects, from conducting job interviews and salary negotiations to influencing how different teams work and collaborate.

Throughout my career, I have consistently demonstrated my ability to effectively manage and lead software development teams using agile principles. I have a keen understanding of the software development lifecycle and have honed my skills in the implementation of agile methodologies such as Scrum and Kanban.

Engineering management

Software development

As a software architect, I understand the nuances of designing systems that are scalable, robust, and maintainable. I provide consultation services on how to build architectures that reduce complexity and increase the speed of development. My expertise includes ASP.NET MVC, .NET Core, JavaScript, Azure, SQL Server, BizTalk, and more.

My software development services prioritize high-quality, scalable solutions that can handle your company's growing demands. Whether you need help with AWS, Elasticsearch, Kubernetes, DevOps, or other technologies, I'm here to provide. I'm well-versed in C#, .NET Core, JavaScript, SQL Server, and various other tech stacks, which makes me capable of dealing with a diverse range of development tasks.

Software development

Developer mentoring

I believe that a well-functioning, high-performing development team is key to faster delivery of quality software. My team enhancement service focuses on improving processes, implementing agile methodologies like Kanban and Scrum, and fostering a collaborative and innovative environment. I'm here to enhance your team's productivity and speed without compromising on quality.

Transitioning from older technologies and methods to newer ones can be challenging. I provide coaching and mentoring services to facilitate this transition and help junior developers grow into their roles. I offer internal training sessions on modern software development and agile methods to ensure your team stays updated with the latest industry practices.

Developer mentoring


It was great to work with Anders who is a highly experienced pragmatic Software Architect with the ability to adapt quickly to changing requirements. He confronts any complication with a positive attitude and enthusiasm. He is also an inspiring team leader that demonstrates a passion for mentoring, coaching and motivating his fellow colleagues.

— Sebastian P, Senior Software Engineer

Sebastian P

Anders is a widely experienced and knowledgeable software engineer with an open mind and a can-do approach. Anything thrown at him will be dealt with in a constructive and pragmatic manner. He actively shares knowledge through both personal mentoring and public presentations.

— Chris P, Product Owner

Chris P

Anders is a very professional software architect with deep knowledge of multiple programming languages and techniques. He is incredibly driven, and a fantastic mentor who spreads knowledge to everyone on the team. Anders thrives on challenges, and always delivers at 100 %.

— David K, Solutions Architect

David K

Anders is a highly competent software developer with extensive experience and knowledge in developing for various platforms. He is also a driven and highly qualified systems architect.

— Patrik A, Configuration Manager

Patrik A