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Principal Engineer and Software Coach


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Hi, I’m Anders, a Principal Engineer from Sweden with a huge passion about inclusivity and mentoring.

Mentoring and sharing knowledge is part of my daily routine and it brings me a lot of satisfaction! Technological challenges are exciting but the human aspect always goes first for me. Technology is made by people and must serve people.

My vision is to build an inclusive software culture where everybody can feel safe and heard. I am conscious that bias exist. That’s why I work hard everyday to keep an open and positive environment around me.


"Anders is a widely experienced and knowledgeable developer with an open mind and a can-do approach. Anything thrown at him will be dealt with in a constructive and pragmatic manner. He actively shares knowledge through both personal mentoring and public presentations."
Chris Papastefanou
UX Brand and Product Guy
"It was great to work with Anders who is a highly experienced pragmatic Software Architect with the ability to adapt quickly to changing requirements. He confronts any complication with a positive attitude and enthusiasm. He is also an inspiring team leader that demonstrates a passion for mentoring, coaching and motivating his fellow colleagues."
Sebastian Pukki
Lead Software Engineer

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