Month: March 2016

Using Source Maps with CSS

StackOverflow user Rob had a problem
inspecting his SASS stylesheets after having them
preprocessed by Codekit . Having set the Output Style to "Compressed", the resulting CSS stylesheets were optimized and minified, making it almost im…

FizzBuzz in CSS

One recurring complaint among experienced programmers is that there are lots of junior talent
that could not even implement a simple FizzBuzz program. One blog article that started it off
was Using FizzBuzz to Find Developers who Grok Coding , writte…

Converting from Type to SqlDbType

StackOverflow user Simone Salvo asked how to do
a smart conversion between .Net and , which
is not really a trivial task. For my answer, I wrote the following somewhat naïve code: Caveat The above code works fine in most cases, but comes with so…

Finally got around to fixing Sparky

Back in 2010, the iPad was all the rage. The first really usable tablet device, sporting
lightning-fast multitouch capabilities, that were even exposed as (then non-standard) HTML5
Web APIs for JavaScript developers to play with. It wasn't alw…