Month of March 2016

Emulating ZX Spectrum graphics in JavaScript

I'm using EcmaScript 6 Proxy objects to keep track of dirty blocks in emulated ZX Spectrum video RAM in a browser. I describe how the ZX Spectrum video RAM works, and implement an emulator using modern JavaScript.

Using Source Maps with CSS

When CSS or JavaScript is minified, there is a mechanism called Source Maps that can help you inspect the original code directly in the browser. Sometimes it requires some extra configuration.

FizzBuzz in CSS

Creating a FizzBuzz solution using only CSS is probably impossible, but with just a little HTML added, it's perfectly doable, using a combination of CSS counters and the nth-child() pseudo-class selector.

Converting from Type to SqlDbType

The .NET type system and SQL Server types are not very easy to map to each other. In SQL, variables don't just have a type, but can also have precision and maximum length, which is not possible to translate into simple .NET types. Here I show a naïve approach at translating from one type system to another.