Finding the right namespace

StackOverflow user graham added a reference to a third-party DLL
called ServiceProvider.dll , but couldn't figure out which directive to use to
access the types made available in that DLL. Most times, the DLL is named after the default nam…

Keep NumLock on permanently

One of the remnants of early PC computers is the Num Lock key. For most people, like
me, it is just a nuisance. I mostly use my laptop with a dock connected to a standard
102 key keyboard, so when I use the numpad, I want numbers to appear – I don't want
the cursor to move semi-randomly across my document. When I sometimes hit the Num
Lock key by accident, I'm always in for a few seconds of feeling annoyed.

Trying out Visual Studio Code

Yesterday Microsoft held Build 2015 and
presented lots of nice things to the developer community. I have always loved Microsoft's developer tools,
and started using Visual Studio back in 1997 ,
hacking away with Visual Basic and Visual C+…