Making "Call mom"

This article series contains 4 articles, written between 18 Sep 2019 and 25 Sep 2019.

Don't forget to call your mom

In this article, I describe why I started developing two apps called Call Mom and Call Dad. I also talk about what features those apps should have, and how I started to work on their implementation.

Content Warning: Death of a loved one

Don't forget to build that app

This article describes the initial work needed to build the first useful version of the Call Mom and Call dad apps, including some thoughts about Java 7 and Java 8. I talk shortly about AndroidX and JetPack, how to achieve Android version compatibility, doing persistent storage and notifications in a new app.

Don't forget to give the user a choice

Here I talk about how to read from Android's contact register using a contact picker, how to use some other standard widgets, and a bit about how you can get time and date input from the user. There is a lot of talk about how Intents are connected together, and how scheduled events can be stored.

Don't forget to call your dad too

In Android development, there is a powerful feature called "flavors", that lets you create different variants of your app with very little effort. You can with little to no code change texts, images, feature flags, and even behavior of your app, based on its flavor. You can use this for creating series of similar apps, or for making ad-supported and paid apps in the same code base.