Pages about Web Audio

Syncopation and a human touch

The final two effects are implemented, and they help demoscene musicians add some more feeling to their songs.

Adding pitch-related effects

The MOD player is progressing nicely. Vibrato, portamento and arpeggio effects are now implemented and working correctly.

Implementing looping and the first effects

Some of the effects needed to play some of the iconic demo tunes of the 1990s are now implemented, and samples can be looped correctly.

Playing a full song, almost

My MOD player is finally able to play a full song, almost. It's still missing the effects, but it's a good start.

Loading MOD files in the browser

The MOD file is a staple of the 90s demoscene. In this article, I'll read a MOD file in JavaScript, and learn a bit about the format along the way.

Generating sound in modern Web Audio API

My first steps in playing music in the browser using Web Audio API start with generating a simple sine wave in an Audio Worklet.