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JavaScript unit test framework, part 3 of 4

Any mature unit test framework contains helper methods for validating or asserting requirements. In this part, I start adding some object-oriented test functions.

JavaScript unit test framework, part 2 of 4

My unit test framework in JavaScript is starting to shape up when I add support for asynchronous code, like timers, event handlers and CSS transitions.

JavaScript unit test framework, part 1 of 4

For test-driven development (TDD), having a working unit test framework is very useful. Here I start working on my own framework in JavaScript.

How to load jQuery programatically

Loading JavaScript dynamically, and knowing then the script is done loading, can be difficult. There are working solutions available, but it is also possible to write some code to solve the problem.

IMG problems in Firefox

There is a security setting in Firefox that can prevent a web page from dynamically setting the SRC attribute of an IMG element. Falling back to using the innerHTML property does work, but it feels a lot like using eval().

JS MOD player

JS MOD Player is a MOD player written in Vanilla Javascript. It was written from scratch, and is available for anyone to use for personal projects.